The Liberals (Sweden)

The Liberals are a Swedish party and before the election 2018, I worked with their district in Skaraborg. I worked with their election campaign and with their first nominate Pär Johnson. The work is based on their graphic guidelines.

Facebook advertising

These are Facebook advertising for Pär Johnson's Facebook page where I've done the graphic design.

I've worked with the copy and strategy together with Pär Johnson.


These posters were printed on the out- and inside of buses around in Skaraborgs district. They are also used as local posters for their election campaign.

I've done the graphic design and worked together with the politicians with the copy and strategy.

Bus Advertising

I've done the design for three different models of busses that drives around in Skaraborg district. The tamplets of the busses are shown below.


I have done the animation for the video and worked together with Pär Johnson on the copy and the strategy.


Liberalerna in Sweden have hired Mandana Karim in their election campaign.

The campaign has been divided to reach as many votes as possible for the party in parliament, region and municipal elections.

In addition, it has been aimed at getting the number one person in the three choices, Pär Johnson.

The assignment has been divided into two parts.

1) Strategically.

- How to profile the politic and the person.

2) Operatively

For the Liberals as a whole regarding parliamentary and regional elections.

- Within given graphical profile and message frames create:

* Bus advertising for the back of the bus and a sign at the entrance window in the four major cities.

* Posters with the three top candidates to be used for outdoor posters in 15 municipalities.

As a personal election material for number 1 in parliament, region and municipal elections.

* Three personal selection films, edit, cut, make the introduction and finishes.

Layout of wallpaper on Facebook (Kryssa Pär Johnson) and wordpress blog (pä

The graphic design for nine posters on Facebook for number 1 in parliament, region and municipal elections.

We are very pleased with the dialogue and coaching we've received regarding the message, location and layout. The work on production and delivery took place in a highly professional manner and also proactively applicable to producers of the final market material.